Built-in Bunks, cubbies and innovative nooks!

Built in Bunks

I have developed a new fascination with finding the best built in bunk beds, cubbies, nooks and lovely creative places for kids (and possibly adults) to sleep.  They're such a great way to create extra space in a room, the height creates climbing opportunities for the kids and adds to the novelty of a secret hideaway.

I hope to be able to design and build something similar for a client or failing that for my son...until then I will admire others!

The more I look the more amazing innovative examples I find...here are some of my particular favourites.

Family bunk beds in Summer house

This family room in a Summer holiday home with bunk beds for kids so they are tucked away means the parents get a decent size bed - a great use of the space ~ image via The Style Files

Modern Triple Built-in Bunk bed

I love this fresh modern look with the green accents and contemporary shapes - though the top bunk looks fiendishly high I could see this working in a New York loft. ~ image via Livingetc.

White washed wooden bunks

I love the simplicity of this whitewashed bunked set up which mimics the wooden panelled space - it look so serene - no need to add the 4 children it could accommodate! ~ image via My Scandinavian Retreat

Wooden Built in Bunks

I really like the natural look of these wooden built in bunks with the planks and storage gaps...plus the neat little cut aways for getting in and out...just hope the edges are not too scratchy and rugged ~ image via Remodelista

Twist on the traditional freestanding bunks

Whilst these look closer to the traditional freestanding bunks we all know and many had when they were kids I like the fact they are incorporated into storage at either end and have a trundle tucked away underneath ~ image via Marie Claire Maison

Teens Bunks

Bunks are clearly not for the mini-climbers! What a lovely way for teens to share a bedroom. Loving the symmetry and the storage opportunities to make each area their own ~ image via NY Times

Practically perfect in every way!

This is such an great example of the how the raised bed can incorporate storage - plus there's no compromise on access - no steep ladder to bed but a gentle winding stair - The cutout shapes are great - I want it! - Practically perfect in every way! ~ image via Marie Claire Maison

Wooden Built in Bunks

I like the rustic feel of these wooden built-in bunks. Fully integrating storage and display they would be the perfect guest room arrangement ~ image via apartment therapy

Modern Brights cubbie bed

These modern bright cubbie bunks are so beautifully created leaving the rest of the floor space free for playing! I love the cut outs and the accent colours - I would want to crawl in there! ~ image via NY Times




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