The ‘tache of the town…

So at the moment in NYC we can't move for posters, cabs, buses, more posters, commercials with our favourite moustache of the moment...on...The LORAX! Ta-daa!

The Lorax having a relax!

We are PRETTY excited about its release on 2nd March in this household - you can watch the trailer here and get excited too.

All this whiskery persuasion has made me think about the number of moustachioed (yep...real word) things I've seen and admired recently.

We can't just blame the Lorax and his beautifully shaped whiskers for this fascination...the hipsters have long sported the look...even when it's not Movember...but we're seeing them growing on more than just creative faces...in more and more interesting places!

Moustache Kids Scatter Cushions

I LOVE this kids scatter cushion by Blabla from Land of Nod and I am definitely getting one...plus its called "Hold me Tight" - aww...bless his cuddly little 'tache.

Jonathan Adler Moustache bottle stopper

This fun bottle stopper from Jonathan Adler is a quirky accessory and I am liking the subtle Salvador Dali-esque teapot, creamer and sugar bowl from Jonathan Adler's new muse collection. The items have a double treat of the moustache on one side and puckered lips on the other!

Jonathan Adler Moustachioed Muse Teapot

Jonathan Adler Moustachioed Muse set

These great Je m’appelle moustache lightbulb lights by designer Katrin Greiling via The UberReview at first glance look like birds but look closer and your lightbulbs have a personality!

Moustache Lights

On the more frivolous side I must admit to having given these cookie cutters and these straws for gifts at Christmas and we seem to have an unnerving number these furry stick-on blighters attached to various surfaces in the house...including my son at times...

Cookie cutter moustache

Moustache Straws

Funny face

Amongst my favourite interiors products for those whiskery fixated this Moustache Chest of Drawers was spotted at the Stockholm Furniture Fair earlier this month by Modenus.

Moustache Chest of Drawers

This moustachioed welcome mat is bound to put a smile on the face of all your visitors and for a real Poirot fan must have this hilarious pillowcase set, both from Urban Outfitters.
Moustache Welcome Mat
Moustache Pillow Case set
A real favourite is a lot more subtle in this lovely image of the office from weekday carnival - I'm envious of this serene set up - it looks like a good place to get stuff done!
Weekday carnival - office
Moustache Box
I might go as far to say that putting a moustache on pretty much anything makes it more debonair and certainly brings a smile to my face!
I would write more but I really moustache...
Happy Weekend! :{

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